#BE30DayChallenge: Secure Your Digital Life

#BE30DayChallenge: Secure Your Digital Life

So much of our life is spent online, yet so many of us are not securing our digital life. While there is no such thing as 100% security with any aspect of online activity, many are still not taking the necessary and available precautions to protect their data and online identities.

From hijacked Facebook accounts to stolen credit card numbers and online purchases, not a day goes by where someone isn’t targeted for some online scam or maliciousness.

Here is a 30-day challenge to get your mobile devices, email, and social media accounts fortified against some of the more common, online security threats.

Each week for four weeks, there will be a new post outlining some quick and easy steps to take to secure the tech you use every day:

Week 1: Lock Down Your Social Media

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have extra mechanisms you can utilize to ensure you are in control of who sees your content, who can contact you, the apps that can access your account, and more security controls. Learn how to apply security settings to social media accounts in week 1’s post.

Week 2: Clean Up Email Accounts

  • Despite the continued transition to social media and text as preferred methods of communication, many of us still rely on email. Unfortunately, email is a vector for transmitting malware and identity theft. Here is how to clean up and better manage email.

Week 3: Shore up Your Home Network

  • Any device in your home that connects online is a potential entryway for a security breach. This week, learn the steps to take to secure webcams, gaming consoles, smart locks, and even your wireless router.

Week 4: Put Your Defenses in Place

  • Now that you have the basics down, you can add additional layers of security just to frustrate would-be hackers, virus creators, and identity theft-stealers even more. In this last week, learn the extra tips, tricks, and tools to pad your digital  security even more.