Become Your Own Apple Genius With This Tech-Repair Subscription

Become Your Own Apple Genius With This Tech-Repair Subscription

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Apple’s continual release of products has benefitted millions in various ways. Instead of just having access to a phone, the tech behemoth also offers iPads that rival certain laptops along with music devices and an Apple TV subscription platform that negates the need for traditional cable services.

While these options have been great for consumers, the increased ability to purchase more of these technology powerhouses also comes with increased likelihood of a device crashing and becoming seemingly unusable without the help of a trained repair expert.

The AnyFix iOS Fix: Lifetime Subscription (Mac and Windows) is the answer to many of your tech-related problems. And it’s available for just $39.99, a savings of 69% from its MSRP of $129.

Anyone who has used any of Apple’s devices is all too familiar with the common issues that arise — the inability to update, back-up and synching errors, and devices that can’t be recognized are just a number of them. AnyFix offers users three repair modes for which to choose depending on your problem.

The software is installed on Windows or Mac computers. Once installed, users can open it when needed depending on their issue. Users are presented with four options to diagnose and fix the issue: system repair, enter/exit recovery mode, upgrade/downgrade iOS, or reset device. From there, the software takes the steps necessary to fix the issue. Fixes for more than 130 system issues and more than 200 iTunes errors are offered.

To date, AnyFix has given relief to more than 100,000 users.

“AnyFix indeed has a fix for multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Apple TV issues. What’s great is that solutions are just a few clicks away. The interface is neat, well-organized, and pretty simple to understand and employ,” reads a review from

Save yourself the hassle of having to find an Apple store and the time sitting on the phone waiting for a technician to diagnose and walk you through the steps of fixing your device by purchasing this all-in-one repair kit from AnyFix. Get it today at a discounted price of $39.99 while it’s still available.

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