“Bee-Coming Your Brand University” is Educating Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs

As corporate mavens and emerging or established entrepreneurs, we sometimes get so consumed with making sure that we’re building a strong foundation that we forget about one of the major components of building a solid business…actually becoming our brand.

Well, Brittni Brown, CEO of The Bee Agency public relations has set out to change that.

Established in 2011, The Bee Agency has represented several well-known brands. Now, with a team of associate professors, they have turned their mission of promoting the talents and businesses of their clients to educating them on the importance of becoming a “walking, breathing and publically known” representation of their business.

Black Enterprise got a chance to sit down with Brown and learn why the “Bee-Coming Your Brand University” is so important, and how it’s going to do more than educate, but revolutionize as well.

BE:  In your opinion, what makes a successful brand?

BB: In my opinion, a successful brand isn’t solely measured on just earnings. A successful brand is measured by you, as the owner, defining what your highest peak of expectations, reachable goals, and target connection looks like. When you reach those daily/weekly goals, that’s success. It’s an accomplishment that’s set in place to making your brand. Every win or accomplishment within your brand should be viewed as a piece of success. Every win should come with a re-evaluation to see how you can achieve bigger or accomplish more to serve your target.

BE: As an emerging young professional, why is it so important to recognize your brand and perfect your pitch?

BB: You will get stuck in your tracks if you don’t know you who you are–period. I can use my own story as a prime example. I went to start my agency, got clients, and was just working and working and things got cluttered. I didn’t have a lane; I was just going because I wanted to work hard. Rule No. 1, work smarter, not harder. It will all fall in place once everything is clear.

Recognizing your professional brand is key to molding your brand portfolio, identity, and understanding your professional goals and target. Once this is laid out, you can work to on crafting your pitch. Your pitch is something you can use during interviews, in your portfolio or bio. It’s your mini “about me” but the verbal version. This is what separates you from others; it clearly touches on your key points–introducing what you can and have achieved; it adds values to you telling the world how great you are. Perfecting your pitch is key. It’s the new wave introduction.

BE: How will the “Bee-Coming Your Brand University” revolutionize the way millennials approach crafting and becoming their brand?

BB: The University is geared to help millennials understand themselves as growing professionals. That’s our first step. You can’t reach a target or climb any ladders without knowing who you are first. That is a growing process but it takes time and action. The university will aid in triggering that emotion and understanding self before catering to others. This will then create the ability to approach and understand your target or end-goal for your client reach or professional development.

The course will serve as an interactive six-hour course where we will have a lecture and interactive activities to help students perfect their pitch and become their brand. The university will revolutionize the way millennials approach crafting and becoming their brand by challenging them to think above the traditional standards set in place of who they are as professionals and help them– hands-on–lay their pitch foundation.

Becoming your brand will aid in you humanizing your brand; giving it a human touch outside of a logo, website, or résumé.

For more information about The Bee Agency, please visit: www.thebeeagency.com 



Danielle D. Hughes is a social entrepreneur, journalist, and youth advocate. When she’s not writing or covering news, you’ll find her at church, spending time with loved ones or enjoying a great read! Keep up with her: @danielledhughes