‘Bernie Mac Show’ Former Child Stars Receive Backlash for Joining OnlyFans

Social media users are minding grown women’s business again.

The social media trolls are coming after former child stars Camille Winbush and Dee Dee Davis of The Bernie Mac Show after learning of their participation on the adult platform OnlyFans.

According to the Neighborhood Talk, photos of Winbush and Davis were leaked on social media of the the two showing a little more skin than their fans were used to seeing from them, causing mixed reactions.

“NOT BABY GIRL!!!!!,” one user commented about Davis using the platform.

“Can’t be mad that people expected more of y’all … but whenever I guess it just shows that celebrities aren’t so different than the average chick around the corner,” another wrote.

Other fans understood the separation between their child roles and present stage as grown women.

“I think people get their characters confused with the fact that they are grown. It’s their lives,” a user commented.

“Leave them grown women alone !!! The only way you know they are on there is if you on there too 🤣🤣🤣,” another chimed in.

Winbush took to her Twitter to clap back at the haters minding her business.

“The trolls are hungry again so here’s some food for thought- I’ve never been arrested, never been on drugs, don’t have any baby daddies,” she tweeted. “I pay all my taxes, I drink water and mind the business that pays me.”

“If the most scandalous thing strangers can say about me is that I took some sexy pics as an adult and made a couple mil in less than 2yrs, I think I’m doing alright as a human in today’s society,” she wrote.

While the show aired, Winbush, who is now 33 years old, played the role of Vanessa, Mac’s elder niece, while Davis, who is 26, played Bryana “Baby Girl” Thomkins, Mac’s younger niece and youngest child who was a half-sister to Vanessa.