How Love in the City Star Bershan Shaw Turned Pain Into Purpose

How Love in the City Star Bershan Shaw Turned Pain Into Purpose

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Bershan Shaw, known as the Warrior Life Coach, is a serial entrepreneur and two-time, stage-four breast cancer survivor who decided to turn her pain into purposeful promise. Today, she touches the world through several channels, from TV docuseries Love in the City on the OWN Network to her book URAWARRIOR, 365 Ways To Challenge You To A Better Life to speaking engagements at transformational multi-city conferences.

[WATCH Below: Bershan Shaw on “Love in the City”] recently caught up with Shaw to get insightful tips on how to process pain and find relevant solutions to move forward in one’s purpose and passion. “You only realize the courage you have and learn who you really are through hardships. You don’t want anyone to deal with the pain and suffering you have been through, but remember, whatever broke you down was only a [temporary] setback for a [permanent] setup. We all have a story and we’re all great. We just need the tools to help us get there.”

Below she shares strategies on turning pain into purpose using the L.I.F.T. model:

Let Go Of Your Past. You must release that which no longer serves you. Many cannot embrace the now or envision the future, simply because they are held hostage to their own past. Yes, the experience of pain is raw and real, but “letting go” removes the sting of the pain so that you can be healed and be of helpful value and service to someone else.

Isolate Yourself From Negative People. We all know that toxic relationships often add more fuel to your present pain. People with a chronic negative outlook and disposition, will keep you wading in the pool of your painful past, she says. “You have to treat negativity like a disease and quarantine immediately for the sake of your passion, dream and vision.”

Fortify Yourself From What’s False. Fear is actually ‘false evidence appearing real. Don’t allow your pain to pin you down. More chances than not, someone needs to hear your story. What you survived, actually may be the antedote for someone else’s breakthrough. Resolve that living in perpetual fear is not your reality or truth. Battle daily against it fiercely with vengeance, wage war with it!

Take Your Goals And Dreams To The Top. Don’t allow what you have gone through or what has occurred to you, to cause you to abandon your goals and dreams. As you walk along the path of success, that journey will get interrupted with setbacks, detours, and roadblocks that often show up in the form of pain. You have to make a decision “on purpose” of whether you will wallow in relentless pity or rise up and redirect all adverse experiences for the greater good.

Shaw will be sharing these battle strategies and much, much more at the IAMAWARRIOR 180° Tour in Washington D.C. at the Crystal City Westin June 13. It’s expected to be one of the largest national women-focused events attracting a wide spectrum of business and career professionals from around the country. The day will super-packed and fun-filled, with opportunities for networking, professional development and personal growth training.

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