Best Apps to Help You De-Stress After 5

Best Apps to Help You De-Stress After 5

Between your morning commute to the office and your intense workday, you’re ready to embrace any leisure time with open arms.   Although it seems natural to power off–putting your smartphone, tablet or laptop away and ditching technology for good ol’ rest and relaxation–why not let your gadgets lead you to the after-work party.

Whether you’re set on exploring the town with a group or spending some “me, myself and I” time in the house, Mashable has provided you with eight apps that will help you unwind:


We hate to say it, but…there are only but so many hours before you have to head back to work after clocking out, so it’s important to use that down time wisely. Enter Poynt. The easy-to-use app is a traditional guide coupled with valuable information. “For example, if you’re interested in seeing a movie at your local theatre, Poynt will not only give you the name and address of the theatre, but a list of available show times and each movies’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes,” writes Mashable’s Lauren Hockenson. “These add-ons help you make your decision quickly, so you spend less time thinking and more time having fun.”

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