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Biden-Harris’ Campaign Targets Black Voters With New Advertisements, Highlighting Efforts For The Community

The administration recently released an ad campaign featuring a Black Detroit entrepreneur supporting their agenda.

A recent ad released by the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2024 election campaign is targeting Black voters as next year’s upcoming presidential election nears. The ad, titled “List,” was released on Dec. 6 and seems to highlight what the administration can do for the Black community, if Biden and Harris are reelected.

The ad campaign takes time to highlight President Biden and Vice President Harris’ economic investments, and how the administration intends to boost financial prosperity in Black communities. 

“List” features Black small-business owner and entrepreneur Darren Riley from Detroit. In the video, Riley expresses his support for Biden and Harris and talks about how they’ve made a big difference in marginalized communities across the country. 

He said in the ad, “President Joe Biden’s got our backs because he’s not only thinking about our present but also our future. My community is usually last on the list to receive any type of funding.”

Riley said Biden’s Infrastructure Investment, which sits at a proposed $1.2 trillion, and the president’s Job and Inflation Reduction Act as working for the Black community. 

“The policies and things that he puts in place are striving to make a difference for these matter — how to put food on the table for our kids and families, how to get the next job, how to skill up. Joe Biden is actually doing stuff that helps everyday people,” said the voter.

“President Joe Biden’s got our backs because he’s not only thinking about our present but also our future,” Riley concluded.

According to reports obtained by TheGrio, the “List” ad is set to run on channels with a majority of Black audiences, especially in cities that are considered crucial in the upcoming election. The push to drum up support from Black voters comes amid a concerning November poll conducted by The New York Times for the Biden-Harris administration. The results showed that 22 percent of Black voters in largely populated and extremely crucial swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia would support Trump for next year’s election. The statistical increase from the 2020 election has prompted campaign efforts to boost the Biden-Harris population.

Quentin Fulks, principal deputy campaign manager for Biden-Harris, told the Times, “While MAGA Republicans push an extreme agenda that would harm Black Americans and take our country backward, President Biden and Vice President Harris have been fighting for and delivering on policies that make a real difference in our communities by providing access to capital and creating generational wealth.”

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