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Big Daddy Kane Hopes ‘JAY-Z Day’ Becomes An Official NYC Holiday

"To see an artist get a national holiday, I’m all for it. I think it’s beautiful. Much respect to Jay-Z"

Before the year closed out last month, a resolution was introduced by New York City Councilwoman Farah Louis, who represents Brooklyn, to officially make Dec. 4 (Shawn Carter, AKA JAY-Z’s birthdate) “JAY-Z Day.” Many New Yorkers would accept and celebrate the motion and recognition, including one of the men who influenced and mentored a young JAY-Z when he was making his way into the music game, Antonio Hardy, better known as Big Daddy Kane.

TMZ caught up with the legendary artist and asked his thoughts on his fellow Brooklyn emcee getting an official holiday in the city they both grew up in. He stated it’s “real cool” that it may occur, and he hopes “it happens.”

“I think it’s real cool,” Big Daddy Kane said. “You got to understand hip-hop is a culture, a music culture, and now a music genre that people shunned upon, people looked down upon. And when you see it can grow billionaires, it can become multi-genre, where there are different forms of hip-hop. It can become the biggest-grossing music genre. And to see an artist get a national holiday, I’m all for it. I think it’s beautiful. Much respect to Jay-Z. I hope it happens.”

Kane has been an influence on many rappers when he was creating a path for them to follow.

The New York Post reported that Louis wants the holiday to happen due to the influence of the “God Did” rapper.

“The global phenomenon that is Jay-Z—born Shawn Carter—is widely known as an artist, mogul, husband and father, wealth builder and supporter of economic development and community causes. Dec. 4 as Jay-Z Day announces to the world how this Brooklyn son can be all things . . . Establishing an annual celebration to recognize a homegrown hero while proclaiming our municipal support is fitting.”

Last year, a tribute to JAY-Z that took place at the Brooklyn Public Library, “The Book of HOV,” brought fanfare and people from around the globe to see the art installation that features bookmarks and keynotes to the billionaire’s career that started in the borough of Brooklyn.

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