The Biggest Black Business and Other News This Week

The Biggest Black Business and Other News This Week

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Just in case you’ve missed some of the news content we published this week, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest black business stories on

A New Orleans chef is charging white customers $18 more for meals than people of color in order to change the way people perceive racial and economic inequality.

In addition to cutting hair, black barbers may hold the key to cutting high blood pressure among black men.

Frustrated about a career stall? Here’s how to overcome: 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Ahead in Your Career.

Although Black Panther fans will never be able to visit the fictional country of Wakanda, they can keep the spirit of the Afrofuturistic film alive by communicating in the Wakandan language thanks to Type Wakanda, a text translator that allows you to deliver all of your text messages in the Wakandan font. #WakandaForever

Type Wakanda (Image: Wayne Sutton)
Type Wakanda (Image: Wayne Sutton)

Need a dose of motivation? Meet Gabrielle Simpson, a 30-year-old global media director who leveled up her career.

Read about the only hotel in Marrakech, Morocco, owned by a black woman who didn’t speak the language and was frequently dismissed by men.

More states are bending toward legalizing marijuana and the burgeoning market is projected to balloon into a $24.1 billion industry in fewer than 10 years. For African American entrepreneurs in Maryland, however, getting a foot through the door has been difficult. Why is Maryland shutting black entrepreneurs out of its marijuana industry?

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