Binge Read This Week’s “Great Moments in Black Business”

The history of the BE 100s, for the most part, haven’t been taught in public schools, colleges, universities, nor been used as case studies in business schools. We don’t want you to miss out, however, on the greatest moments of those firms that have occupied BLACK ENTERPRISE‘s list of the nation’s largest black businesses over the past four decades.


The stories serve to inform the status of contemporary black business development. But more importantly, they offer strategies that today’s entrepreneurs can update and in some cases, missteps that business owners can avoid. Here’s the milestones you’ve missed this week that you should binge read:



  • The controversial takeover of Essence, the iconic black women’s publication, by Time Inc. and what it means when African American institutions—especially media companies that serve as African American’s fiercest advocate—fall into white hands. That question remains as the future of Essence made headlines this week: No. 36: Essence Sale Continues Debate Over Black Ownership 


  • The uplifting story of how a group of BE 100 CEOs collaborated on the largest philanthropic effort driven by African Americans in history. We offer details on how they applied—and continue to use—their collective power, wealth, and clout to erect a $540 million national monument to black history: No. 35: The BE 100s Help Build A $540 Million Museum of Black Achievement