Black Art In America To Hold Inaugural Fine Art Print Fair

Black Art In America seeks to promote and highlight the works of Black visual artists across the nation, and is doing so in a new fashion.

The inaugural Fine Art Print Fair will display pieces made by groundbreaking Black printmakers in a display catered to the diversity in the specific medium.

The two-day event will take place at the home of Black Art In America, featuring a gallery and sculpture Garden, in Atlanta. On Aug. 11 and 12, attendees can enjoy the work of both legacy and modern printmakers. As printmaking is considered an “intricate process,” the storytelling behind the art form and the individual works will be spotlighted.

Whether one is a novice at viewing and collecting art, or an aficionado, the fair aspires to be collective space for all to peruse in delight at the extraordinary selection. Not only will guests learn more of the essence of printmaking, but why buying these pieces is a growing asset to one’s collection as well.

As a strong follow-up to the well-received “Better Days: Joy and Revolution” exhibit, which featured politically resonant pieces, the Print Fair will dive into multiple themes as printmaking is the main star. Presenting artists such as Jamaal Barber, Kerry James Marshall, and Robert Pruitt, visitors will get to connect on a greater scale with these visionaries through demonstrations and discussions of the process of printmaking.

Black Art In America continues to be a resource for African-American artists, hoping to spark even greater consideration and patronage for their innovative work. To learn more of this upcoming exhibit, which is free and open to the public, please visit its website.

The Black Art In America Gallery and Sculpture Garden is located at 1802 Connally Drive in Atlanta.

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