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Black Conservative Federation CEO: Republican Party Offers Blacks ‘Access To The American Dream’

Diante Johnson of the Black Conservative Federation says the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party, best represents the interests of the Black community.

Diante Johnson, CEO of the Black Conservative Federation, highlighted to Fox News Digital that in his view, the Republican Party, rather than the Democratic Party, aligns more closely with the interests of the Black community. Johnson asserts that the GOP provides the Black community with “access to the American dream.”

The Black Conservative Federation, a prominent organization for Black conservatives nationwide, is gearing up for its annual Honors Gala with former President Donald Trump slated as the keynote speaker. Themed “Restoring the American Dream,” the gala is scheduled for Feb. 23 in South Carolina, strategically aligned with the state’s primary election. Departing from its usual venue in Washington, D.C., the event will be held in Columbia, South Carolina, where Johnson believes the Black vote is pivotal in Trump’s White House aspirations.

Johnson stressed the importance of the Black vote for Trump’s potential 2024 reelection, citing the overlooked status of the Black community. He noted Trump’s 20% support among Black male voters in 2020 and anticipates a significant increase in the upcoming election, emphasizing discontent with the current administration.

“Black men do not like the idea that their children are being taught that you don’t have to be a boy or girl. You can decide your gender. Black men do not like their sons being taught that. And so, they’re waking up,” Johnson asserted.

According to internal polling by the Black Conservative Federation, the economy ranks as the top concern for Black voters, with education also holding significance.

Johnson critiqued the Democratic Party’s perceived shift toward more extreme positions on those issues, suggesting that such changes could drive more Black voters toward conservative values. “This is not the same Democratic Party that we had in 2020 or even before that. It’s gotten worse,” he remarked.

The Black Conservative Federation aims to elevate the conservative movement by diversifying representation and promoting conservative principles. Johnson emphasized the group’s dedication to spreading a critical message and their belief in conservative principles as a means to uplift Black lives and communities.

The Restoring the American Dream gala will honor notable figures such as Dr. Ben Carson, singer Mary Millben, and Republican Georgia state Senate candidate C.J. Pearson.

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