Black Couple Makes History, Partners with D-ID, Launches First e-Learning Platform to Use A.I. Instructors in the US

Black Couple Makes History, Partners with D-ID, Launches First e-Learning Platform to Use A.I. Instructors in the US

DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain, the founders of Skilldora, a Black-owned Ed-Tech startup based in Fort Mill, S.C., known for its modernized app-based eLearning community, have announced a partnership with D-ID, using its Creative Reality™ technology to deliver courses exclusively by A.I. Instructors, also referred to as digitally created humans.

With the global eLearning market on track to reach 1.72 trillion by 2026 according to Yahoo Finance, evolving Ed-Tech enhancements give the academic sector a boost in growth, and online learning is now the largest and fastest growing method for modern learners.

Skilldora’s mission is to use the power of A.I. to deliver a new world of eLearning and is pleased to be the first online-learning platform in the U.S. to be a front-runner in pioneering the use of all A.I. Instructors on its platform, as a nod to the future of eLearning.

The recent growth in the eLearning market also comes with its usual growing pains of high course drop-out rates, and astronomical refund costs creating significant challenges for e-Learners, course creators, and platform owners.

Research shows much of this is due to antiquated outdated online-course platforms and an influx of new course creators producing courses at varying levels of skill, leading to inconsistent and unpredictable user experiences.

Skilldora’s new e-Learning platform and app seeks to solve this problem using its A.I. Instructed Courses™ to deliver consistently structured, high-quality courses, perfectly presented in under an hour.

Set up as a free-to-download membership site, with an in-app, pay-per-course, a la carte model, Skilldora is designed to appeal to the modern learner offering advanced engagement functionality, collaborative learning features such as its ‘learn with friends capabilities’ allowing for real-time sharing and invites, social learning groups, community news feeds, etc.,

“We believe the world of eLearning is rapidly changing and learners want more interactive learning experiences, consistency in content-quality, and compact courses they can take over a lunch break. And Skilldora is answering the call by offering, A.I. Instructed Courses™ across a bevy of professional development categories, interactive Personal Discovery Assessments with instant A.I. Coach feedback, and a ‘done-for-you’ B2B solution, which produces eLearning products on demand,” says DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Skilldora’s co-founders.

Skilldora’s vision is to be the A.I. eLearning solution leader for modern learners, and future-forward companies, and now through its partnership with D-ID, is one step closer.

Behind the vision of Skilldora, are husband and wife Co-founders, DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain. DeMario McIlwain, the brainchild behind Skilldora’s innovative platform and sleek functionality, brings deep technical expertise in UI/UX design with proven experience running tech ventures, while Dawn Nicole, the heartbeat of Skilldora’s course products, brings design-thinking as a certified agile coach and globally accredited training program creator. With this perfect marriage of skills and background, the powerful duo merges their expertise to make something magical in Skilldora.

Available on the IOS App store and Google Play, download the Skilldora app today to check out a demo of its all new A.I. Instructed Course ™ and complete learning catalog.

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