Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge, Day 3: Celebrity Master Chef Challenge

Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge, Day 3: Celebrity Master Chef Challenge

The heat was on early this morning! Here at the Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge taking place in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the chefs came out in force to show off their culinary skills. Comedian Mark Curry, off a splendid performance last night, was up early to host the Celebrity Master chef Challenge.

The attendees who participated in the challenge were split into 5 groups of 4 people and they were given a tasty task of making some guacamole, salsa and a morning spritzer. As Curry gave instructions to the chefs, myself and fellow judges, Jessica White and Renau, waited anxiously for the finished creations to be presented!

The contestants were to be judged on creativity, presentation and of course, taste. Given a point system of 1-5, 5 being the highest, we were presented with each team’s creation. The teams, Ironing Board Chefs, Hot Tamales, The Max Chefs, The Grill Masters and Cooking with The Curries, and one last entry, stand Alone, were given 45 minutes to create their masterpieces.

The audience was happy with Curry’s interaction with them and the contestants as his commentary kept everyone smiling while the chefs did their thing. After some great tasting by the judges, the obvious choice, based on the reactions of all 3 judges, was Cooking With the Curries! We came to the same conclusion based on the best tasting guacamole made this morning.

All contestants were happy to get a chance to do something they enjoy and getting to meet and network with others as well, so, there was nothing but smiles by the time the last participant exited the makeshift Kitchen!