Black Entrepreneur Creates App for Motivational Affirmations

Black Entrepreneur Creates App for Motivational Affirmations

New Year, new you! Need help getting it all together? Florida A&M graduate Shelby Tinsley created iShallBe, an app that delivers daily motivational affirmations straight to your mobile device. The platform sends you quotes, inspirational videos, and affirmations once a day in an effort to encourage you to get motivated.

“I do have faith that iShallBe will motivate other people,” stated Tinsley.

There are several apps currently like this on the market, including Thinkup, Motivate, and Shine, so what makes this different? For starters, it was created by an African-American founder and the backdrop is interfaced with African Americans connecting it back to the community. Additionally, the content and community showcases tons of African American users.

This is great for the culture as there are so many negative images and messages in social media currently being unearthed that it gives the multicultural community a place where they can go to embrace positivity.

“iShallBe was created with the strong desire to encourage others to get through all trials and tribulations, and remind you that there will be victory at the end of all troubles,” states the site. “iShallBe will supply nourishment to both mind and soul. However, it is up to you to remain faithful and speak nothing but love, joy, and positivity in your life. For if you speak it, it shall be.”

Motivational App, iShallBe (Image: Instagram)

Current app features include:

  • Receiving daily affirmations via quotes, inspirational videos, and music

  • Providing app users the daily motivation to clear mind, achieve a dream, or fulfill a goal

  • Staying motivated with weekly and daily themes

  • iShallBe TV: Watch all iShallBe motivational videos

  • Goal Tracker: Hold yourself accountable when setting long and short-term goals

  • Ability to create your own affirmation and share with others

  • Communicate with others via a timeline, sharing quotes, goals, and inspirational messages

The app is currently celebrating it’s one year anniversary of being on the market and is available on Apple and Android in 8 different countries. For more information on the platform, visit the site here.