Black Entrepreneurs Who Turned $2K into $2M Launch Masterclass on How to Start a Hair Business

Black Entrepreneurs Who Turned $2K into $2M Launch Masterclass on How to Start a Hair Business

Ashley Williams and Khat Brim, the two founders who successfully built a multi-million dollar brand called Hair Are Us, have now launched a virtual masterclass to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started in the industry. Their masterclass is called “Hair Game 101: How to Start Your Own Virgin Hair Business,” and it will be held online via Zoom on Thursday, February 10, 2022, at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST.

The two veteran entrepreneurs will use their 10+ years in both retail and e-commerce to teach everything that up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the hair industry need to know before getting started.

Topics will include:

1. Start-Up Budget
2. Communicating w/ Vendors
3. Sampling Hair
4. Branding & Marketing: Photoshoots, Ambassadors, etc.
5. Retail vs. E-Commerce: Merchant Services
6. Policies: Refunds/ Returns / Shipping
7. Customer Retention: Keep them Coming Back!
8. Building Your Team
9. Dropshipping vs Direct Shipping
10. Ways to Launch Your Business!

Ashley and Khat made headlines about ten years ago when they launched their company, Hair Are Us, with an initial investment of $1,000 each and yielded $2 million in revenue in less than two years. Since then, they have remained leaders in the virgin hair industry and are more than qualified to teach a course about it.

“We’ve had many ups and downs, but we have learned so much from starting, maintaining, and growing a business,” they comment. “We went from selling bundles out of the trunks of our cars in parking lots to having three retail stores and a thriving e-commerce business.”

Only 50 slots are available for the class.

To register now for the Masterclass, visit:

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