Black Farmers’ Arrest Brings Light to Racist Harassment from Neighbors

Black farmers are calling for justice.

Following their arrest in Colorado, Black farmers, Courtney and Nicole Mallery have sparked conversations concerning the alleged mistreatment and harassment of Black farmers across the country from white neighbors.

According to recent social media posts, Black Twitter released several statements regarding the incident in a collective effort to bring light to the situation.

The issue is nothing new to society, as a recent study published in the American Economic Association’s Papers and Proceedings journal, showed that Black farmers in the United States lost around $326 billion worth of land in the 20th century, which contributed to the racial wealth gap in the U.S. The loss was a result of discriminatory USDA lending policies and other factors.

“Wealth and land is one way in this country that you’re able to grow opportunity for your family,” said Dr. Dania Francis, lead author of the study.

The study found that Black farmers owned over 16 million acres of land in 1910, decreasing to 4.7 million acres by 2017.

The Black Farmer Fund testified last year in a New York State hearing stating that Black NY farmers saw a total net cash farm income of -$906, compared to the $42,875 of their white counterparts.

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the Mallerys, were arrested earlier this month on felony stalking charges even after previously accusing deputies and neighbors of ongoing harassment and stalking on several accounts.

The couple and another neighbor collectively filed over 20 restraining orders on their neighbors who allegedly attacked their property through acts of vandalism and animal mutilations.

Several actions have been implemented towards closing the racial wealth gap in regards to farming.

President Joe Biden entered his presidency campaign with a goal to bring equity to farming, creating an Equity Commission through the Agriculture Department. Congress approved a large debt relief program.

A GoFundMe page has been created for supporters to donate to Black farmers through the Freedom Acres Ranch.