Black Fashion Week Minnesota Pays Tribute To Prince At His Estate

Black Fashion Week Minnesota Pays Tribute To Prince At His Estate

Prince‘s unparalleled breadth of style challenged the boundaries of masculinity, sex, race, and rock ’n’ roll with his fantastical onstage costumes.

This same fashion style has inspired a new Black Fashion Week Minnesota event to encourage a movement of creativity and empowerment in the Black design community.

“Design of the Times” takes place today at the legendary Soundstage at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota, which was the estate and design studio home of the late music and fashion icon, the Star-Tribune reported. The event features fashion, music, and a Q&A panel with Prince’s longtime designer Debbie McGuan.

McGuan, who had worked with Prince from 1993 to 2007, recalled just how creative and innovative Prince was with his fashion style. From silk-screened suits to a white jumpsuit with a glyph sewn on the front, McGuan brought some of Prince’s iconic pieces to life from the singer-songwriter’s in-house wardrobe department.

“He [Prince] was very aware of fashion and looked at fashion and knew what he wanted, but was very open,” she said. “Sometimes he would like the inspiration of something but made in a different color. Or it was, ‘Use this vibe, but change it and maybe make the sleeves this way.'”

As McGuan remembers it, designing for Prince was a thrill and working with him was like living in a world that constantly relished in creativity.

“It was the best job. I gave it my all and I just loved it,” McGaun said. “He just challenged you to be creative because that’s what he did with his fashion and music and thinking ahead of the times.”

For her talk, McGaun will share some her favorite Prince pieces on display.

According to KARE11, “Design of the Times” starts at7:45 p.m.; doors open at 6 p.m.

“This particular show, we have 10 designers, 30 models showing their best. And one of the designs, each design, is a Prince-inspired piece as well as showing that creativity with the other ones,” explained Natalie Marrow, CEO and founder of Black Fashion Week Minnesota.

“It is important just to show that you can make and have clothes made for you right here in the Twin Cities with our local talent.”

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