Black Female Psychologist Creates First Ever Therapy Card Deck For Women of Color

Ebony Butler, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and Food Relationship Strategist who is also the creator of My Therapy Cards – the first card deck and self-help tool of its kind created to help women of color work through self-limiting beliefs and habits keeping them from developing into their highest selves.

Dr. Ebony is a visionary and teacher who has made it her mission to help women of color heal and thrive in the areas of trauma and diet recovery. Her card deck not only provides support for self-discovery but is a complete guide for addressing key mindset blocks, ineffective habits, and ineffective coping skills. In fact, the cards provide gentle support to women as they lean into the vulnerable processes of self-exploration.

The mission of My Therapy Cards is to help make the process of emotional, mental, and behavioral exploration more accessible for everyday women, while also creating a bridge for clients and therapists to do meaningful work together. Whether working through the deck alone or in the company of a trusted friend, partner, loved one, or therapist, My Therapy Cards provide thought-provoking prompts and complementary tasks that promote the type of awareness and compassion necessary for growth and self-elevation.

Having been developed by an actual psychologist, My Therapy Cards intentionally and thoughtfully include prompts that have worked with actual clients. No matter if the hang-up is a mindset issue, habit issue, or deficit with coping skills, the cards have a way to address it!

Dr. Ebony comments, “This is the very first self-help card deck and therapy tool specifically for women of color, and we are excited to bring some of the same tools used in therapy directly to meet this demographic where they are. We care about accessibility and breaking stigmas associated with seeking help. What I have created is a direct reflection of that!”

The card deck includes:

• 12 prompts and tasks per category for a total of 36 cards designed to address mental blocks, habit blocks, and ineffective coping skills.

• Glossary card designed to define common terms and language.

• Resource card for additional support and guidance, including how resources for locating local therapists for continued support outside of the card deck.

• Private Facebook Group for additional learning, support, and community.

• Access to journals, worksheets, and live streams for additional support.

My Therapy Cards is truly the solution for making mental health and emotional exploration more accessible and less stigmatized for women of color. The cards are currently available for pre-order and will be shipped in July 2020. To make a purchase and/or learn more, visit

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