Black Founder Launches Platform That Helps You Easily Invest in Stocks, ETFs, and Options

Black Founder Launches Platform That Helps You Easily Invest in Stocks, ETFs, and Options

Jellifin is a commission-free options trading platform that recently went to market and is already gaining traction. The company believes that investing should be straightforward without all the unnecessary steps, allowing users the opportunity to invest in stocks, ETFs, and options.

The upside, as compared to traditional platforms, is that the company will allow investors to diversify their portfolio without having to pay commissions or fees for each trade. The reason they can do this is that they have partnered with Third Party Trade L.L.C., a brokerage API service provider, and maintaining a low-cost overhead.

“Investing in the stock market is already complicated and pricey. Therefore, investors should have all the available tools and resources at their disposal to make an informed decision,” said Andre Norman, founder & CEO at Jellifin. “Simply offering low-cost trading with stripped away features is not the way to go. But at the same time offering an overly complicated service loaded with expensive fees adds to the core problem investors are currently facing.”

Jellifin’s wants to allow investors a suite of tools in a more user-friendly format allowing them to feel comfortable utilizing different investing strategies on the Jellifin platform. Some of the features include 1-Click Buy or Sell orders, triggers to fully automate the buying and selling of stocks and options using traditional coding IF/THEN statements, and making sure that the pricing is clear and concise, removing the guesswork while trading.

(Image: Jellifin)

According to a statement from the company, ETF assets globally reached the $4.6 trillion mark for the first time last year. With a steady inflow of money into the industry and intensifying competition between ETF providers, ETFs will continue to act as an attractive investment option for investors.

The hope is that with Jellifin’s user-friendly interface and new stocks and ETFs trading features, they will lower the barriers to entry for investors making it so your everyday person can get involved.