GOP Candidate Daniel Cameron Called ‘Uncle Tom’ by Far-Left Group Black Voters Matter

According to a report by FOX News, on Oct. 31, the far-left group Black Voters Matter Action PAC, which is funded by liberal George Soros, is accusing Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron of being an “Uncle Tom” and betraying his race.

Running on a local R&B station in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, the ad claims that “Uncle Daniel Cameron,” who did not seek charges against the officers involved in the 2020 Breonna Taylor shooting, threatens to roll back progress made on racial justice and healthcare. It also voices support for incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear, who is white.

In response to the ad, Cameron accused Democrats and left-wing organizations of using “racist attacks” to discredit him due to his policy differences. He also called on Beshear to condemn the ad.

“I believe here in Kentucky you shouldn’t be judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character,” Cameron stated, emphasizing his opposition to policies, not his race.

He noted that he had never faced racism or discrimination in Kentucky until he opposed national Democratic interests and criticized the media for enabling or ignoring such attacks.

Beshear’s campaign referred to his comments to the Lexington Herald-Leader, saying the ad came from an “African American-led PAC.”

The outlet reports Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Action PAC, defended the ad’s racialized attacks against Cameron in a video with Roland Martin of Black Star Network. Albright disputed calling Cameron an “Uncle Tom” while emphasizing the group’s criticism of Cameron’s policies.

“It’s issue after issue after issue where he has shown himself to be just as much of a threat to the Black community as the staunchest white supremacists,” Albright said.

Cameron’s campaign characterized Albright’s comments as “disgusting” and called for responsible dialogue. They emphasized that Cameron holds mainstream Republican views and criticized the Democratic Party for likening Republicanism to white supremacy.

The “Uncle Daniel Cameron” ad and the ensuing backlash underscore the increasing polarization and heated rhetoric in American politics, with accusations of racism and extremism playing a prominent role.