John James, GOP

Black GOP Congressman Who Said Trump Was ‘Not Fit To Lead’ Just Endorsed His Campaign

Michigan Congressman John James gave an interesting endorsement of former President Donald Trump after publicly chiding him last year.

According to Insider, the House Republican endorsed Trump in a statement that criticized the leadership of President Joe Biden, while comparing his policies to those of his predecessor. James called moves by the Biden administration “particularly detrimental to Michigan’s middle-class,” while praising Trump’s “pro-family policies.” He added, “In 2024, we need to give hope to Americans who feel like their government is failing them.”

This is a major departure from James’ previous feelings about the former president, particularly after Trump called for the termination of the U.S Constitution in December of last year.

“A man who would suspend the Constitution can’t be trusted,” James said at the time, according to Insider. “Anyone who will put their egos over people is not fit to lead.”

Still, it does not come as a complete surprise that the lawmaker has changed his tune, as many GOP members have already given their support to Trump’s bid for a second term. James’ early endorsement of Trump is also eyebrow-raising as it is not clear what the former president’s campaign will truly center on. However, the GOP has hung its hat on his far-right values as evidence of his capacity to once again lead the country. “It’s the fact that we are six months worse off under the Biden administration,” James said about his endorsement.

Michigan is a swing state; therefore, Republicans like James may find it difficult to sway support Trump’s way. The largest cities in the state are still home to some of the largest Black populations in the nation, who hold historically Democratic values and often vote in their own best interests. James’s early endorsement of the former president is also of interest as in his two races for a Senate seat, he’s leaned more progressive in an effort to separate himself from the polarizing beliefs of other GOP candidates.