Why Can’t we Celebrate Black History Year?

I guess I’m impressed when I see people I know posting important facts (online) in Black History daily or several times during the month of February, named Black History Month. It’s the “cool” thing to do, I suppose. But, I liken Black History Month right along with other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Why do I need a certain time to acknowledge my mother, father, girlfriend or my history?

During the year, if I am in a relationship, I take my girlfriend out, buy her flowers, gifts, things I think she would need and/or like, acknowledging my love for her throughout the year. Same thing with my mother. I’m taking her out here and there, buying her whatever she needs or wants, checking up on her, doing the things I feel a good son should do for his mother. My father has passed on, but that doesn’t mean I only think about him or recognize him on Father’s Day. He is still on my mind throughout the year.

Now, as impressed as I am with us being recognized once a year, every year, I’m wondering why we feel like we should celebrate when we are told to celebrate our history?

As I previously stated, I like the fact that some people acknowledge important details from our history and rightfully so, we need each other to help educate one another and especially our children. But, why do so only in February? I’d like to challenge those who strategically remember our history when February comes around. And yes, I am speaking to my people. Let the others do what they do, but, why not continue this every month?

It doesn’t have to be daily, although there are more than 365 facts about us that could be appreciated throughout the year. We should be able to educate, not just our own, but others as well. Why should we feel important for 28 days (29 in leap years) and only because it’s designated for us?

I challenge all who feel it’s only important to celebrate us this month and say, why not do it all year? Why can’t we celebrate Black History Year?