Black Homeowner Puts White Neighbor On Blast For Destroying Her Rooftop Decorations

Black Homeowner Puts White Neighbor On Blast For Destroying Her Rooftop Decorations

A Black homeowner has garnered swarms of support on social media after posting a TikTok video putting her white neighbor on blast for destroying her rooftop decor.

TikTok user Alexandria The MD posted a video on Friday revealing the harassment she’s enduring by way of an old white man who lives next door to her Beverly Hills property.

“Why does me thriving make you so uncomfortable?” Alexandria captioned the two-minute video.

@alexandriathemd Why does me thriving make you so uncomfortable? #blackgirlmagic #karensoftiktok #karensgoingwild #karens #theshaderoom #fyp #blackwomenoftiktok #blackwomeninluxury ♬ original sound – Alexandria Williams

The video starts with Alexandria showing off the finished look of her decked-out rooftop overlooking Los Angeles’ captivating Hidden Hills.

“This is my rooftop,” she said while a background video showcased the assortment of plants and furniture she added to her rooftop. “I love it. I worked really hard on it,” she noted.

But she goes on to explain how her white neighbor wasn’t in support of the remodeled rooftop and started threatening her to remove her decor despite just being a neighbor and not the property manager.

“This is what my neighbor did to my rooftop,” Alexandria said while the background showed her vandalized rooftop.

“And this is my neighbor. Is anyone surprised,” she said over a photo of her white elderly male neighbor.

Alexandria posted a follow-up video explaining how she responded to the vandalism and how her building’s HOA seemingly allowed the vandal to get away with the crime. According to the homeowner, the white man “told” the HOA president before and after he vandalized her rooftop and Alexandria was never given a warning or made aware of his threats.

@alexandriathemdThank you all for the supportive comments! Gotta run into the hospital but I’ll try to respond to questions!♬ original sound – Alexandria Williams

“So they just knew for like 48 hours and didn’t tell us,” she said.

She noted that she does not know if her neighbor is racist but ended by highlighting his clear frustration with his Black neighbor living her best life on a property she owns.

“So yeah, I think this is a case where this white man feels that this young Black woman is entirely out of line on her property,” Alexandria said.

They have called the police and put in a vandalism report. The white man has been ordered to stay away from their property.