Black Louisiana Woman Flaunts World’s Largest Afro

When Aevin Dugas walks into a room, all heads are bound to turn.

The 47-year-old woman from Reserve, Louisiana has a head full of hair that has made her the record holder for the largest afro on a living female.

According to Guinness World Records, Dugas first claimed the title in 2010 with her afro measuring a circumference of four feet, four inches. Her natural bush has only grown larger, currently measuring 9.84 inches tall, 10.4 inches wide, and 5.41 feet in circumference.

Dugas’ afro is two decades in the making since she has gone natural and put away hair-damaging products.


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“I didn’t decide to grow an afro as much as I decided to go natural,” Dugas told Guinness World Records. “That was because I was tired of using dangerous chemicals to permanently straighten my hair. Those chemicals have now been linked to cancer and there’s a major lawsuit going on so I’m glad I left them alone years ago.”

“I started doing hot oil treatments…or ‘oiling’ my hair with butters that I make before I shampoo, condition and style and that’s at least every seven days,” Dugas added. “I try to do styles that keep my ends hidden. That helps a lot.”

Dugas rarely flaunts her picked out ‘fro, but when she does, all eyes are on her and the reactions come in different forms. “Some just yell things in admiration, some stare, some walk up and ask questions then some just walk up and take a little tug,” she said. “I’ve learned to just give them a little pop on the hand with a few words of choice. I won’t repeat them here.”

The ‘fro-flaunting diva handles her own hair maintenance, but her hairdresser keeps her ends clipped and healthy. “I’m careful when handling the ends of my hair because those are the most delicate and oldest parts,” she said.

Dugas is proud of her hair and hopes it inspires self-love and others to take pride in textured hair.