Black Man Questioned by White Police Officers For Having Too Many Credit Cards

Black Man Questioned by White Police Officers For Having Too Many Credit Cards

The level of racism Black people have to endure is mind-boggling at times! According to The Daily Mail, a Black man in Texas, who didn’t commit a crime nor was accused of one, was being questioned by white police officers based on the number of credit cards he happened to have in his wallet earlier this month.

On Aug. 12, at a gas station in the Fort Worth suburb of Burleson, Texas, 39-year-old Brian Friar had been seen withdrawing cash from an ATM when three white police officers came up to him and insisted that he show them his identification. Friar decided he should record the interaction, especially as a Black man in today’s climate.

Friar, who works as a forklift operator, told The Daily Mail: “I was at the ATM machine at the store, minding my own business, looking through my cards to see which one I would use.

“The next thing I know a policeman came up to me saying that I have a lot of credit cards.

“Then two other officers pop up. I started filming because I was frightened. He had a gun on him, and the other ones had guns too.”

In the video, an officer says, “Prove to me the rest of those cards are yours. You have 10 in there.” The officers  also questioned why he was in the area, “How did you end up in Burleson?”

The Daily Mail obtained a statement from Chief Cordell from the Burleson Police Department.

He stated: “Our three officers had stopped in the QT to take a break and I am told were approached by a male (witness) who told them the gentleman was at an ATM machine attempting to get money while using multiple cards and that the transaction kept being denied.

“He said the man was acting suspicious. The officers approached the man, activated their body worn cameras and explained why they were contacting him.

“Officers observed multiple receipts and cards as described by the witness. Officers asked him if he minded sharing identification to match the name on the cards and he eventually provided identification and cards.”