Black-Owned Beauty Brand, Mented Cosmetics

Black-Owned Beauty Brand Mented Cosmetics Acquired After Distribution Issues

The acquisition hopes to ease Mented's product distribution issues upon its summer relaunch.

Mented Cosmetics is getting a relaunch. The Black-owned beauty brand has been acquired by West Lane Capital Partners, following product distribution issues.

Business partners KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson founded the company in 2017. According to Beauty Independent, which also announced the acquisition, the duo set to create a company for diverse skin tones. They garnered popularity from their first launch, a range of nude lipsticks envisioned for people of color.

The brand thrived with its mid-range pricing and availability at Ulta, Target, and national drugstore chains. It has since expanded to other products like eyeshadow and foundation. This new deal with West Lane, met for an undisclosed amount, aims to re-launch Mented and inspire buyers.

“They have extensive knowledge of the beauty industry. Beyond that, I respect and admire the team,” explained Miller. “We have seen a number of brands in the consumer space either not make it or be left, from what I hear, with deals that they didn’t feel great about, and I’m lucky to say I feel really great about our partner.”

The acquisition comes after product distribution issues forced Mented to stop taking orders in January 2024. Despite raising $9 million in venture capital funding, the owners struggled to keep up with customer demand. Now, with the expertise and financial backing from West Lane, Mented can pick up where they left off.

“Mented is a brand with a strong reputation in what is a really competitive market in the color cosmetics space,” explained the investment company’s VP, Michael Wentz.

“Coupled with the success it has had on social media and the trajectory of the business, we saw a lot of opportunities to broaden it with the infrastructure we have at Blooming Brands to take it to the next level.”

Wentz added, “From our perspective, an immediate need is regaining the trust of the customer base so they know the product will be there, and they will have access to it going forward. It’s on us to get product to customers and have it be available as soon as possible, and we are working hard to do that. It just takes time and communication.”

With Mented now officially under West Lane’s Blooming Brands division, its loyal customers can anticipate a summer start for the renewed company.