Black-Owned Brand’s Products Destroyed In Georgia Warehouse Fire

Black-Owned Brand’s Products Destroyed In Georgia Warehouse Fire

The “UnderArmie” is all armed up and puling together to help their favorite brand get back on its feet. 

Founder and CEO of Play Pits All Natural Deodorant, Chantel Powell received news that all of her brand’s inventory was destroyed in a warehouse fire on the morning of September 13 in South Fulton, Georgia. 

“I mean, we lost everything. This was a total loss for us,” Powell told 11Alive. “While the other businesses on the outside of us, they were able to go in and recover things that they wanted, but because I was right next to the fire, we are experiencing the total loss.”


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Play Pits launched in 2018 after Powell spent a year creating the all natural deodorant in her home kitchen for her son. She was inspired to make the products by the lack of chemical-free and kid-friendly deodorants on the market,  along with the positive response she received from her son Kameron Powell, who she named Chief Inspiration Officer.

Powell moved her products to the South Fulton warehouse in 2020. The decision opened major doors for the business to expand, as the relocation allowed her to accommodate the growing UnderArmie community. 

“That location was more than just a warehouse to us, it was a milestone in a family business that nobody in my family has ever been able to do, and I also think a milestone to my customers because they remember when we were making it in our kitchen,” Powell said.

Play Pits reached another milestone in March, when she announced the products were available to purchase in over 300 Target locations across the country. Unexpectedly, the fire at the warehouse placed production on a temporary pause while Powell rebuilds the brand. 

“I know that I can’t stop,” she said. “There’s too many people that are relying on what we produce.”

11Alive says Powell is asking for help from the UnderArmie community throughout Play Pit’s Recovery Inititative. Supporters are welcome to donate funds, which will go towards relocation to a new warehouse and materials that will be used for production. 

She is also calling for the UnderArmie to vote for Play Pits to receive the $100,000 prize from the Kapitus Building Resilient Business Contest.  

Although the company is not currently taking any orders, the UnderArmie is encouraged to follow the Play Pits social media page. Products are still available for purchase in Target stores and on the the Target website.