Black-Owned EdTech Company MILO Provides Virtual Teacher Training to Help Close Learning Gaps

Black-Owned EdTech Company MILO Provides Virtual Teacher Training to Help Close Learning Gaps

A Black-owned edtech company is hoping to provide a more equitable learning experience for students by training their teachers online.

Started by two longtime friends, Gary Mack and Lybroan James, MILO serves as a subscription-based platform where educators can receive training, services, and assessment tools to aid in enhancing the quality of their virtual classes.

With a goal of closing the learning gaps for underserved students, MILO prides itself on creating communities and culturally affirming learning environments through equity, innovation, and engagement.

“I loved the rigor. It was a lot of work but forced me to be reflective of my practices in the classroom and on a personal level,” educator Monique G said. “I learned that my voice matters and this work is important and worth it. These conversations are uncomfortable but necessary.”

It was during the pandemic when Mack and James bumped into each other while walking through their neighborhood. It had been years since they had seen or spoken to each other, but it turns out that they actually lived 10 houses away from each other.


James has served in education for over 20 years, and even helped raise the California state math scores for African American students by 26.4% in 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics/Economics from UCLA and a Master of Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

Mack, a serial entrepreneur who runs an LA and Berlin-based event experience firm with clients like Facebook, Bumble, and Instagram Sports, paired perfectly with James in securing funding for MILO from the likes of Deloitte, Salesforce, and Cisco.

Courses within MILO’s platform cover a range of topics including equity and impact, culturally responsive teaching, social-emotional learning, and more. With over 550 certified educators and nearly 280,000 students impacted by the training provided to teachers, MILO is moving closer to reshaping education in the age of remote learning and living.