4 Black-Owned Rideshare Companies to Try Besides Uber and Lyft

4 Black-Owned Rideshare Companies to Try Besides Uber and Lyft

Uber just announced teen accounts, allowing teenagers between the ages of 13–17 to ride alone in their rideshare service, and the ride will be tracked under the supervision of parents and caretakers. The new service is set to take effect on May 22. 

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Until now, teenagers couldn’t take an Uber without a parent or guardian in the vehicle. There will be features enabling the teens’ safety to be controlled by the parents and caretakers.

Additionally, parents can choose the designated driver, and drivers can opt out of being involved in that program.

The teen account will have “built-in, privacy-preserving safety features” that include the ability to verify a ride, check on a ride, and audio recordings. There is also live trip tracking so a parent can follow the ride to know the exact location of their teenager and the person driving them.

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Also, the ability to contact the driver directly and the Uber support team will be an added feature to help ensure the safety of minors. 

In case you want to give Uber or Lyft a break, here are four alternative Black-owned ride-sharing companies you can support if available in your area.

  1. Moovn operates in several cities like New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.
  2. Go Girl Ride is not only Black-owned but also labels itself as a womxn, femme, and non-binary ride service based in Portland, OR.
  3. ERYVE is launching in Atlanta and will be accessible throughout Georgia.
  4. HERidewhich is only located in Atlanta, is a new ride-sharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women.