Black-Owned Wellness Empire Develops New Feminine Care Product, Graphene Infused Pads
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Black-Owned Wellness Empire Develops New Feminine Care Product, Graphene-Infused Pads

Reign Sanitary Napkins founders and products
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Oftentimes, women feel ignored when it comes to their periods and overall reproductive health.

Reign Sanitary Napkins, a Black-owned, natural feminine product brand created by Qiana Crump and her family, provides non-toxic, chemical-free products that are safe for women and the environment.

With feminine care growing within the beauty and wellness industries, Reign Sanitary Napkins services Black women, empowering them to take their health into their own hands with access to quality and natural feminine products.

Reign Sanitary Napkins
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Period Taboo Is a Real Thing Within the Black Community!

The Crump family aims to provide a solution to individuals who feel overlooked and ignored.

According to the company, being able to provide clean products that are affordable is a part of their mission to ensure women don’t have to compromise their health. The Crumps believe all women deserve access to these sort of products, as well as information regarding periods and reproductive care.

Reign is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women who feel voiceless because of areas of their lives that make them feel ashamed.

Reign Sanitary Napkin

Reign is a non-toxic sanitary napkin company that infuses graphene, a Nobel prize-winning material, into its products. Using non-toxic sanitary products comes with various benefits, including helping with dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, bacteria, aroma, immune system wellness, and moving heat away from the core.

The Reign pads are odor-controlling, breathable, and ultra-thin, with a 3-dimensional level and leak guards for extra protection.


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The panty liners offer protection for those who experience lighter periods or occasional spotting.


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Reign customers can choose from sanitary napkins for a variety of flow levels,  from Very Light to Super Heavy. The company also offers a special Reign Supreme package and Reign Customer Bundle.

Reign Sanitary Napkins
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Reign Vitamin Spray

Additionally, the company provides Vitamin Sprays that are available for women, men, and kids.


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“Through our Micro Droplet Technology spray platforms, we ensure you receive effective vitamin uptake and efficacy, at a higher and faster rate than if you took your vitamins in capsule or pill form,” the website states.

Spray options include the C+Zinc vitamin, an “immune enhancing” formula utilizing a number of synergistic bioactive constituents, and the D3 spray, which promotes calcium absorption in the gut and helps bine growth and remodeling.

Reign Vitamin Sprays also come as a Kids Multi-vitamin spray; the Men’s Complete Spray, with more than 12 different vitamins and minerals designed to meet a man’s unique physiology; a Women’s Multi-vitamin spray; and the Spray Lean-keto, designed for those who seek a healthier lifestyle.

The Story Behind Reign Sanitary Napkins

The Crump family, advocates for sustainability and responsible manufacturing, created Reign Sanitary Napkins on June 1, 2019, during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic. After experiencing some terrible reproductive health issues of her own, doctors recommended Qiana undergo surgery that would require a partial hysterectomy. Qiana experienced heavy bleeding after the procedure, and her husband went on the search for a sanitary pad that would absorb beyond what store box brands could offer.

Qiana Crump and family
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Qiana spent the following year testing various natural materials from her home kitchen to perfect a $6 prototype. The Crumps were able to develop a formula with an extensive ability for absorbency and breathability, two issues most women face during their cycles.

Qiana wanted to become a part of the feminine product industry to help represent women that looked like her. In an effort to heighten the licensed or enthusiast voices in the industry, the Crumps aimed to educate their community on natural products and toxic chemicals within some of the larger brand names.

Success of Reign Sanitary Napkins

The Crump family has gained a gross revenue of $11 million from the $6 product within Reign’s first year. The company is headed towards reaching $100 million in revenue by the end of this tax year.

The Reign team has supported hundreds of thousands of women across the country through their business and nonprofit, Justice For My Jewels.

Reign is a part of a fundraiser to help raise community awareness and protect women and young girls by providing their products as a healthier alternative.