Black Police Officer Arrested In Connection With Missing 16-Year-Old Girl In Georgia

Black Police Officer Arrested In Connection With Missing 16-Year-Old Girl In Georgia

The family of a missing 16-year-old girl could soon receive answers about what happened to her.

CNN reports that police arrested Miles Bryant, a 22-year-old Doraville police officer, on suspicion of being involved with her disappearance. A passerby found the remains of Susana Morales in eastern Gwinnett County on Feb. 6 near a highway. The witness said they believed they saw human remains in the woods.

Morales was missing for six months.

Gwinnett County detectives told Fox News Bryant hid the teen’s death and then lied about it. Officer Hideshi Valle said this is “tragic news” for everyone. “This is a very tragic incident and not just for our community, but the law enforcement community as well,” Valle said. “Gwinnett Police is determined to get all of the facts and all of the information to get justice regardless of who the individual is.”

The Morales family told police that they hadn’t seen or heard from the victim since July 26. Fox News says  Morales texted her mother around 9:40 p.m., saying she was walking home from a nearby friend’s house. Cell phone records show the victim was walking toward her home between 10:07 p.m. and 10:21 p.m., but detectives believe she got into a vehicle. Her phone pinged that location until it either died or was turned off.

The 16-year-old never made it home.

The assailant is charged with concealing the victim’s death and filing a false police report. According to Fox News, Bryant allegedly reported that his vehicle had been broken into and that his gun had been stolen. Police also suspect Bryant of rape, murder, and other felonies; however, no charges are being filed at this time.

Once the Doraville Police Department found out about the charges against Bryant, he was fired after being with the department for almost two years, CNN reports. Gwinnett Country spokesperson said Bryant is “being served felony arrest warrants.” “Our prayers rest with the family and friends of Susana Morales and everyone else affected by this tragedy,” an online statement from the City of Doraville said. “The city of Doraville and its police department are fully cooperating with the Gwinnett (County) Police Department in its investigation of Mr. Bryant.”