Black Student in Texas Invited to KKK Party in His Honor

Black Student in Texas Invited to KKK Party in His Honor

A black student at a Texas junior high school who was the victim of constant racist  bullying received a fake invitation to a KKK birthday party to be held in his honor, ABC reports.

Justin Howard, a seventh-grader at Tomball Junior High School in Tomball, Texas, has been harassed almost daily by a group of white students simply because he is black.

“I’m just, really, you know, sick of it,” his mother Tahiyyah Howard told ABC News affiliate KTRK-TV. “A girl wrote on the board ‘Black Justin’ and my son was really upset.”

Things came to a head when Justin received a fake birthday party invitation from two classmates with a Ku Klux Klan theme.

“[They] put it on his desk and said that he was invited to a KKK birthday party with lots of fun and games,” said Howard.

The school administration is aware of the bullying and has suspended students involved but the victim’s mother says the culprits haven’t been taught the seriousness of their offenses and need more severe punishments other than a few days home to “play video games.”

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