Black Tarot Card Reader Alleges Professor is Behind Student Murders at University of Idaho

This fortune teller says everyone regrets it when they come against her, and a new name has been added to her list of “regretful people.”

Ashley Guillard, a Texas local, is being sued by a professor at the University of Idaho over accusations that linked her to four students who were murdered in November.

According to Daily MailGuillard was named in a lawsuit filed in Idaho by Professor Rebecca Scofield.

(Image: Instagram/Kaylee Goncalves/Screenshot)

Guillard runs a TikTok page where she uses tarot cards and other readings to investigate and predict real-life crimes. In her most recent thread of videos, Guillard addresses the student murders that took place near the university, accusing Scofield of having a part in the killing of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kernodle’s boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, who were reportedly stabbed to death on Nov. 13, inside a home they rented off campus.

The tarot card reader is now being sued by Scofield for refusing to remove the videos of her accusations, where she explains to her followers that the professor allegedly planned the murders in response to a relationship with Goncalves, a female student.


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Guillard’s allegations provided that the killings may have been organized by Scofield and another student in an effort to keep an alleged lesbian relationship between the professor and Goncalves from becoming public. Reportedly, Goncalves was planning to break up with professor Scofield.

The fortune teller began posting videos about Scofield around Nov. 24.

Scofield’s lawsuit claims that none of the four victims were ever students in any of her classes, and that she was away in Oregon with her husband at the time of the murders.

“I don’t care what y’all say, Rebecca Scofield killed [the victims] and she was the one to initiate the plan…,” Guillard alleged in one video.

Rebecca Scofield

Scofield asked the TikToker to remove the videos that have now received thousands of views, allegedly causing the professor to receive online threats. However, Guillard’s videos remain.

“Rebeca Scofield will regret this lawsuit’ she says: ‘You just don’t get it, I’ve been against people big and small, corporations and giants, systemic policies and racism and won,” Guillard said in a recent video addressing the lawsuit.

The lawsuit calls for a jury trial that will determine any compensation.