The Black Travel Movement Gets Answers From Réal Hamilton-Romeo
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The Black Travel Movement Gets Answers From Réal Hamilton-Romeo

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BE:  Nowadays, flying can be a hassle, with long lines, baggage fees, high fares, a lack of good food on flights, and so on. What does Norwegian Air offer to travelers that makes it more appealing than other airlines? 

Hamilton-Romeo: It does feel as though air travel has become extremely complicated over the years, but it doesn’t have to be. Norwegian’s main focus is to make air travel affordable for all. We offer 57 direct routes from the U.S. to Europe and the French Caribbean. From those destinations, you can transfer to a number of other European cities.

In addition to making travel more affordable, we want you to have a nice, smooth travel experience, and that includes giving you the choice to determine what you want to pay for. Whether you want to relax and stretch out in economy, or have an even nicer flight experience in premium, there is a fare option for you. Traveling light? Prefer your own meal? Want to fast-track? All are possible with Norwegian, because we allow you to pay for what you want, and not what you don’t.

BE: Name three of your favorite destinations on the Norwegian route, and one really stand-out thing about that place. 

Hamilton-Romeo: My three favorite destinations are Bangkok, Paris, and Athens.

Bangkok is an amazing, fast-paced city. I think next to the delicious food, the pedicabs really stood out to me. It was hard to believe that something so small could take you so far, so quickly.

Paris—need I say more! From shopping and art, to nightlife and cuisine, Paris really has something for everyone. There is nothing like the Eiffel Tower at night.

While I have not visited Athens yet, it holds such a special place in my heart. I think what stands out most to me is the amount of history that resides in each structure and around every corner.

BE: What can we expect to see from Norwegian Air over the next few years, in terms of new routes, perks, and so on? 

Hamilton-Romeo: Norwegian is the fastest growing airline in the world. So, over the next few years, you can expect to see growth, growth, and more growth! Our ethos is that everyone should be able to afford to fly, and since we’ve made no secret of our intention to grow our network from the United States, you’ll see more European destinations serviced from cities across the country.

We recently announced 10 new nonstop routes that will begin in the summer, at the cheapest price ever: $65 one-way including taxes. We’ve even enhanced our loyalty program, Norwegian Reward, and included more benefits, so that our American members will have an opportunity to be rewarded as much as the European members.


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