Black Twitter Loses It After Air From Kanye West’s “DONDA” Listening Party Listed For $3,000

Twitter was abuzz with a hot commodity from Kanye West’s highly-anticipated listening party for his upcoming album “DONDA” in Atlanta on Thursday night.

According to the photos circulating on the social media platform, Yeezy’s air from the event was selling online for over three stacks. Yes, Ziplock bags of O2 were for sale to the highest bidder, and Twitter users reacted. 


As usual, Black Twitter responded to the photo with hilarity and shenanigans.


One Twitter user responded with something we were all thinking.


Besides the ridiculousness of folks selling free air to the highest bidder, the album listening party teetered on the strange side. Yahoo reported that Kanye’s event sold tickets in the range of $20-$100. The party was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., but Yeezy didn’t show up until almost 10’o clock. 

The sold-out session of 42,000 fans and celebrities anticipated hearing the rapper but was met mainly with loud banging, ramblings and Kanye pacing back and forth.

To put the icing on the weird-ass cake, basic refreshments like popcorn, chicken tenders, hot dogs and other snacks were sold at exorbitant prices, according to Hype Beast.


Before “DONDA,” Kanye’s last album, “Jesus Is King,” was released in 2019. Prior to that, the Chicago native’s previous album was in 2007. 

To many, the wait may have been worth it, but it just really feels like Yeezy still thinks way too highly of himself for what he offers.