Black Twitter Speaks Out Against Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension for Smoking Weed

Black Twitter has been going off after word got out on Sha’Carri Richardson’s 30-day suspension for smoking marijuana.

Richardson has been receiving praise for her standout performance that secured her a spot on Team USA ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. But on Friday, dreams were crushed after it was revealed the star athlete faced a one-month suspension and would miss the 100m race during the games in Tokyo, the NY Times reports.

Richardson appeared on the “Today Show” on Friday where she addressed the news head-on.

“I know what I did. I know what I’m supposed to do … I still made that decision,” Richardson said, as noted by NY Post. “I want to take responsibility for my actions. I’m not looking for an excuse.”

Richardson had previously opened up about losing her biological mother. It turns out, that’s what led to her consuming the substance. She admitted that she was “blinded by emotion blinded by bad news, blinded by just hurting, hiding hurt honestly… I was just trying to hide my pain.”

But after news of her suspension was made public, Black Twitter took to their timelines to let America know how they feel about it.

If you’re afraid of Sha’Carri smoking the brakes off y’all, just say that but suspending people for using marijuana — a billion-dollar industry at this point — is ridiculous,” said journalist Evette Dionne. “I see people attempting to turn this into a ‘Black Americans vs. everybody’ issue. Let’s not. Sha’Carri deserves to run, no matter what country she represents.”

“Angry at a system that uses weed to punish black folks while rewarding and enriching white folks,” another Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user blasted the media outlets who only included one-liners from Richardson’s interview.

“She found out her mom died from a REPORTER before her races,” they said. “She went into emotional panic and smoked weed which is legal in Oregon but illegal in this sport. She takes full responsibility for her actions.”

In wake of her suspension, a number of athletes and celebrities have spoken out in support of Richardson including Odell Beckham Jr., Dwyane Wade, Emmanuel Acho and more. Nike also released a statement saying that they would continue to endorse Richardson despite her suspension, The Spun reports.