Harrison Floyd (Fulton County Sheriffs Office)

Black Voices For Trump Member Indicted In Georgia Is Also Charged With Assaulting Federal Officer

A Donald Trump co-defendant in the Georgia Election case who surrendered to police Thursday also faces charges of assaulting an FBI agent in Maryland.

ABC News reports Harrison William Prescott Floyd, who is active with the group Black Voices For Trump, turned himself in on charges that he conspired with the former president and 16 others to overturn Trump’s election loss. However, in May, he was also arrested on a federal warrant in Maryland, accusing him of aggressively confronting two FBI agents who attempted to serve him a grand jury subpoena.

According to court records, the agents went to Floyd’s apartment in Rockville, called him, and told him they had a subpoena to serve him. Floyd told the agents he wasn’t home. When he arrived at his building with his daughter, he walked past them without taking the warrant one of the agents held out for him.

According to an affidavit by FBI agent Dennis McGrail, the agents followed Floyd as he walked to his apartment. Floyd then told the agents he didn’t know them, and they didn’t show him any identification indicating they were federal officers. As he closed his apartment door, one of the agents slipped the subpoena between the door.

As the agents were leaving the building, Floyd came out of his apartment rushing at them, screaming and cursing at the agents. Floyd encountered one of the agents in the stairwell, “striking him chest to chest” and knocking him backward, the affidavit says. He then repeated the action and jabbed his finger into the agent’s chest as he screamed at him.

Floyd finally backed down when the other agent pulled out his badge and pulled his suit jacket back to show a holstered weapon. Floyd returned to his apartment, called the local authorities, and reported two men threatened him.

Court records do not indicate why Floyd was served with a grand jury subpoena, but it is believed to be connected to Special Counsel Jack Smith calling witnesses before a federal grand jury that indicted Trump earlier this month for trying to overturn his election loss.

Floyd was charged with simple assault of a federal officer. Unlike the other defendants in the Georgia election case, Floyd is currently being held without bond. Court records do not list an attorney for Floyd in the Georgia case, but his attorney in the Maryland federal case is Carlos J.R. Salvado.

Floyd was forced to surrender his passport as a pre-trial condition in the Maryland federal case.