Black Georgia Voters Voice Discontent Over Biden’s Stance On Gaza

Black Georgia Voters Voice Discontent Over Biden’s Stance On Gaza

Young Black voters in Georgia are expressing dissatisfaction with the administration's stance on the conflict in Gaza.

In a significant shift from their pivotal role in securing President Biden’s victory in 2020, young Black voters in Georgia are expressing dissatisfaction with the administration’s stance on the conflict in Gaza, according to FOX News.

On April 8 CNN aired their Rene Marsh interview with four registered Democratic voters in Georgia who had previously supported Biden but indicated they would not do so again in the upcoming election due to disagreements over U.S. policy regarding the war in Gaza.

Expressing frustration, one young man stated, “If there is no substantive policy change when it comes to the genocide in Gaza, then there’s not really a discussion for me.” Another woman echoed this sentiment, saying, “What Biden has done in aiding and abetting genocide is just something I cannot stand for.”

When asked about the potential impact of their decision on the election outcome, the voters emphasized that they were sending a message to the Democratic Party. “We’re holding their election in the palm of our hands, and they’re not listening,” remarked one voter.

Biden’s narrow victory in Georgia in 2020 marked a historic win for Democrats, but the loss of support from even a fraction of Black voters could jeopardize the state’s status as a Democratic stronghold.

“We’re tired of hearing him say these things, these empty promises,” expressed a female voter. Two others highlighted economic concerns and called for action on issues such as raising the minimum wage and halting aid to Israel.

Democrats have been highlighting their achievements within the Black community. In December 2023, the Biden-Harris administration positioned itself at the forefront of combating Republican opposition to initiatives that benefit working- and middle-class individuals, particularly Black Americans.

In a report by theGrio, it was noted that since assuming office, President Biden and Vice President Harris have overseen a surge in new business applicants, with a record 15 million individuals seeking to start businesses. Notably, the number of Black households engaged in business ownership has doubled between 2019 and 2022.

Addressing the administration’s efforts, President Biden emphasized that bolstering economic support for Black-owned businesses has been a cornerstone of their policies and initiatives. He highlighted significant achievements, including awarding $70 billion in federal contracts to disadvantaged small businesses and a $12 billion investment into Black communities aimed at providing more equitable resources for local businesses.