Black Woman Author Encourages Black Girls to Pursue Careers in STEM In ‘Girls Like Me’

This Black woman is manifesting the future of Black girls in STEM through her work as an author.

Ohio native and author Valerie Thompkins is using her gift of writing to encourage the youth to strive toward higher-paying careers.

While working as a project manager at the Federal Reserve Bank, Thompkins wrote the children’s book, Girls Like Me, fulfilling her mission to find another outlet to inspire her community.

As author of “Girls Like Me,” Thompkins hopes to inspire younger girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Girls Like Me is an inspiring picture book showcasing the many different careers that children can pursue. Follow the journey of a curly haired little girl as she explores a new role on every page, gaining the self confidence to become a future history maker,” according to the book’s summary.

“This easy to read story is designed to shape the future for readers and encourage them to begin exploring occupations at an early age. Grab your copy of this beautifully illustrated diverse book for your favorite teacher or young reader, this magical story motivates people of all ages,” it continued.

Thompkins says her book has been a success, even without the help of a manager, agent, or big name publisher.

According to Thompkins, she has sold nearly 10,000 books between her website, Amazon, and the bookstores she’s partnered with.

“I am less than 700 books away! In 2022, I’ve met so many authors and coached them through the publishing process. I’ve spoken in front of students, teachers, and librarians. I helped send a few thousand books to Uvalde, Texas,” she shared on Instagram.

She added, “I’m not worried about what I didn’t get done, but celebrating what I did! Thankful for every collaboration and thoughtful person whose reached out to share an event or opportunity. Thank you to everyone whose been apart of my 2022.”