Black Woman Creates 'Bounceless' Sports Bra for Women With Fuller Busts
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Black Woman Creates ‘Bounceless’ Sports Bra for Women With Fuller Busts

(Image: LinkedIn / Chantelle Lott / Screenshot)

Ladies, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping things in place while working out, but this Black entrepreneur has got you covered.

Chantelle Lott, a former track athlete, founded Bounceless, activewear for fuller-bust women to provide complete chest support as they work out and stay active.

“As a former track athlete, I’ve always been above average in the bust,” Lott shared in a feature with Go Solo.

“During my senior year as a collegiate athlete, I decided I was going to design a sports bra—yes, with no fashion experience! I knew that I wanted to continue to be physically active and needed a sports bra to do so.”

“Bounceless is an activewear brand for fuller bust women (C cup and larger) who want to work out without the distraction of the bounce. We understand that this underserved population needs support in order to engage in the physical activities of their choice, and we want to be able to meet their bounce reduction needs,” the Bounceless CEO added.

According to Indiegogo, The Bounceless Control™ patented sports bra was designed to eliminate pain and bounce. The $85 sports bra is made of moisture wicking fabric that contains 70% nylon and 30% spandex interlocking fabric. Adjustable straps and an optional elastic breast band are provided for women to choose their comfort level for support.

According to Go Solo, Lott shared that it took many years to get the company where it is, with over three years invested into product development.

“I am motivated each day to continue to make Bounceless a leader in the activewear industry because of the feedback and comments I receive from women. Hearing their stories of how they have struggled to find a supportive sports bra and then hearing how confident they feel in ours reminds me that this is bigger than myself,” Lott shared.

Reportedly, 2022 plans for the company include a bounce reduction study with the University of Houston.