Black Woman from Howard U Appointed As Vice President of National Association of College Auxiliary Services

Black Woman from Howard U Appointed As Vice President of National Association of College Auxiliary Services

This Black woman stood out as the best candidate to support the mission and vision of the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS).

LaNiece Tyree, associate vice president for Auxiliary Enterprises, has joined the board of directors for NACAS, after being appointed last month as the association’s vice president.

“The NACAS Board of Directors is the governing body for the Association,” the NACAS website wrote.

According to Howard University’s hub for campus news and stories, The Dig, Tyree joined Howard in March 2022 and has become the sole representative on the NACAS board from a historically Black institution.

“I am honored to represent Howard University in this position, and to bring the unique perspectives of the university to the conversations fostered by this body,” said Tyree.

“I bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the Board, and I look forward to working with my fellow directors in supporting institutions in my years to come in executive leadership.”

In Tyree’s executive leadership role with NACAS, she is set to serve a four-year term in the order as vice president, and then in concurrent years as president-elect, president, and immediate past president.

The NACAS-certified auxiliary services professional is joining the board of directors with over 20 years of experience and credentials in auxiliary services, large event management, foodservice & vending, and retail.

Tyree’s performance is an extension of Howard’s campus business profile and its efforts to increase visibility and performance in revenue-bearing partnerships.

“The Howard brand is powerful in our city and around the world, thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm of students, alumni, and supporters,” Tyree said.

Alongside her newest position with the board, Tyree fulfills duties as part of the advisory committees for tuition rates, housing, and institutional sustainability.

“We are working hard to bring excellence in quality and consistency in all of our products and services, and I think the community is recognizing that effort,” she added.