Black Woman-Owned Brand Makes History, Hits Almost $1M in Sales With First Ever 4-Step Lace Wig System

Shemika Jackson, the founder and CEO of Kafune Amor Hair, is quickly becoming one of the leading names in the premium quality lace wig and haircare market. Based in South Jersey, she started the brand just two years ago with her two cousins and her niece and has already generated nearly $1 million in revenue. With 15 years in the hair care industry, she has pioneered the first-ever 4-step lace wig system designed to help women protect their hairline, and in 2021, was named a Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneur.

In a related development, the brand recently added different types of lace wigs as well as glue-less installation and removal hair care products to their inventory. The move is in line with the company’s goal of helping people suffering from alopecia and other similar conditions.

Hair loss remains one of the major issues that millions of people in different parts of the world encounter, with a recent report showing that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from the condition. In a related development, several brands have emerged from the multi-billion-dollar beauty and hair care market to offer possible solutions to meet the needs of customers. Unfortunately, a good number of the products do not effectively address the concerns of consumers, which is where Shemika Jackson is looking to make a difference with the Kafune Amor Hair brand. By providing a clear guide on the proper way to install, remove and maintain your lace wig for the best care for your natural hair and for the lace front wig.

The categories of products currently offered by Kafune Amor Hair Care include lace wig, lace wig glue gel, lace wig Melting Spray, and lace wig removal spray. The newest products added to the solutions from Kafune Hair are 360 lace wigs of different lengths and sizes and the most popular, Hide Out Lace Tint Mousse & the Melt Me Down Lace Melting Spray.

Kafune Amor Hair has literally disrupted the beauty solutions market, especially with their best-selling product, the Melt Me Down Lace Melting Spray. The glue-less installation product is designed to provide an invisible hold between the scalp and the lace edging of replacement hair systems, ensuring a clean, natural-looking finish.

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