Black Woman’s Struggle with Fibroids Inspires Award-Winning Health Food Brand, Sweetkiwi

Black Woman’s Struggle with Fibroids Inspires Award-Winning Health Food Brand, Sweetkiwi

Becoming a Black woman in the food industry wasn’t her initial plan, but a struggle with a health challenge actually took a turn for the better. After enduring a battle with fibroids, Sweetkiwi founder Ehime Eigbe found herself on a mission to create tasty, healthy frozen yogurts that support the body in absorbing proper nutrients.

Eigbe shared her health journey with BLACK ENTERPRISE, and the details of her successful health food brand that is bridging the gap between functional nutrition and great taste.


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A personal health struggle encouraged a healthier Lifestyle

Eigbe, who was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid, a noncancerous growth in the uterus, shared that after consulting with the doctor, she was presented with multiple options that she wasn’t too comfortable with such as surgery and hormone therapy.

“I started doing some research and found that food could be a good way to change a diagnosis,” she says. “I started learning about nutrition and how our body needs the right kind of nutrition to support cell regeneration, armed with so much information, I decided to change my eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

The creation of what Eigbe described as an amazing and healthy frozen dessert, led her to the food industry.

“I learned how to make ice cream and cultured dairies at Penn State and took courses to prepare me for entrepreneurship in the food industry.”

Sweetkiwi’s mission

“Our mission is to change the way consumers experience food by creating food products that are delicious, nutrient dense and support the body in absorbing nutrients with a commitment to advocating for safe, sustainable, and equitable food systems within the communities we operate in,” Eigbe shared.

Sweetkiwi produces low-calorie, nutrient-dense treats that are high in protein, probiotics, fiber, and a proprietary blend of immune-boosting superfoods. A pint of Eigbe’s whipped Greek yogurt contains about 22 to 25 grams of protein, probiotics to help increase protein absorption, and prebiotic fiber to support the growth of probiotics.


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“The immune system is primarily in the gut and is influenced by the gut microbiome. As a result, we formulated Sweetkiwi with a holistic approach backed by clinical research and carefully selected ingredients that function better together to support gut health, wellness and nutrient absorption,” she explains.

Eliminating high fructose doesn’t mean neglecting your sweet tooth

High fructose in the diet has been linked to several diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and liver disorder.

“Sweetkiwi Whipped Greek Yogurt is low in sugar yet tastes delicious,” Eigbe says. 

Eigbe’s products contain no sugar alcohols and have 50% to 75% less sugar and 50% to 75% more protein and fiber than leading ice cream brands.

“Our product strikes the delicate balance between sweet and tart, hence the name Sweetkiwi, a delicious, rare golden kiwi that offers a sweetness alongside the tart taste which is what we created using Greek yogurt,” she says. “You get the high nutrition Greek yogurt is known for with sweetness derived from other ingredients to make a delicious, well-balanced, and nutritious frozen dessert.” 

Sweetkiwi donates to Black Girl Ventures 

Eigbe partners with Black Girl Ventures, donating her time and 1% Sweetkiwi’s profits to support the non-profit’s programs and the entrepreneurs with their ecosystem.

“As a Black founder who has boot-strapped my business with the support of organizations dedicated to supporting Black entrepreneurs to reduce the equity gap, it was important to me to pay it forward and to ensure that the Black Founders coming after me have an easier time of it,” Eigbe says.

“Supporting Black entrepreneurs is a passion for me because when one of us wins, we all win,” she adds. “I coach Founders who are behind me in the journey, I share knowledge and my experiences and encourage. I pour into others what was poured into me as it is my duty to pay it forward. ‘I am because we are.'”

Sweetkiwi expansion

Future plans for Sweetkiwi include growing its retail presence and diversifying its retail channels. Eigbe is working to continue the impact she has had in her community. 

Sweetkiwi products are available to purchase online or at select Whole Foods Markets, Walmart, Kroger, and Ralphs.


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