Black Women Are Calling White Women Out for Snatching Up All the Mielle Organics Rosemary Oil

Products from this Black-owned hair line are being bought up by white women.

The Mielle Rosemary Oil has become a hot grab on the market, but apparently, white women are making it difficult for Black women to get their hands on the product that was made for natural hair.

The oil has been circulating on TikTok in videos posted by a ton of white influencers who showcase the product as part of their haircare routines.

Alix Earle, a white TikToker with 3.2 million followers, posted a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video to her page where she shared with her followers the tremendous hair growth she experienced after using the oil for a little over a month.


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After other white users and influencers began posting their videos about the product, shoppers bought out the Mielle product.

This has reportedly caused controversy with Black women, who called white women out for shopping on the ethnic hair product aisles.

One Twitter user expressed how annoying the situation is to her.

Another user responded under the tweet writing, “Don’t even get me started on the Mielle issue. They’re also all giving incorrect instructions to immediately wash it out since it was designed for a different hair texture.”

A third user posted to Twitter about white women selling out the rosemary oil, expressing that Black women can’t have anything, while another said the situation is something unexpected.

While some Black women expressed their concern for the product being sold out by white customers, others really did not seem to care.

“Lately I’ve been seeing ppl up in arms about non black people buying the Mielle rosemary oil and…I do not care LMAOOOO. Why? Bc products are not race based, along with the fact that I don’t think anybody should be using raw oils in the year of 2023,” one user wrote.

Reportedly, some white women found faults in the product, claiming it made their hair oily. New haircare trends have circulated showing white women diluting the product, making it more compatible for their straight hair.