Black Women In Media Go Global To Support  NCAA Coaches For Paris Season Opener

Black Women In Media Go Global To Support NCAA Coaches For Paris Season Opener

The "Matchetes" came out in support of their fellow Black women.

Black women continue to support fellow Black women making history. A cohort of Black women in media has voyaged to Paris to support two trailblazing Black NCAA coaches for their season opener.

Dawn Staley and Niele Ivey are renowned NCAA coaches, who are facing off in the Women’s basketball season opener in the French city. Staley, whose career as head coach for University of South Carolina Gamecocks spans 15 years, is a powerhouse who has broke numerous records in the school’s and NCAA history. Staley is not only the second Black woman to win a national collegiate title, but also the first to win multiple championships in Division 1 basketball.

As for Coach Ivey, her appointment to head coach for Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 2020 made her the first-ever Black woman to hold the position. The retired WNBA player is an alum of the university, taking her talents back to her alma mater after also becoming the first woman assistant coach for NBA franchise, the Memphis Grizzles.

Jemele Hill was one of the media mavens in attendance at the game, sharing a post to Instagram of “The Matchetes” taking Paris by storm.

“We don’t play about supporting Black women and this was the perfect event for us to galvanize,” said the sports journalist. Such incredible fan support and it was wonderful to see these players get the prime time stage they deserved. We had so many laughs, and good times. I’m gonna tell kids we were the Avengers.”

Other media personalities, such as MSNBC correspondent Joy Ann Reid and political commentator Angela Rye, were also pictured showcasing their support for Coach Staley and Ivey. Rye shared the joyous occasion to her own social media.

“We decided to mob deep to Paris to celebrate two Black women lead their hoop teams on the world stage for the NCAA season opener,” shared the CEO of Impact Strategies.

While South Carolina dominated the first game of the season, as ESPN reported their win of 100-71 over Notre Dame, everyone championed the moment for Black women in sports leadership.

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