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Angela Rye Sets Sexyy Red Straight On Trump Claims

Political commentator Angela Rye has had it with the fake news. After Sexyy Red’s controversial comments praising Donald Trump for his time as POTUS, Rye countered the assumptions with evidence of how disturbing the politician is. 

In lengthy videos posted to X, Rye recapped the facts on the stimulus check that the rapper applauded Trump for and examples regarding the racism he has allegedly perpetuated for decades. 

“To Sexyy Red and everyone else who’s found themselves in the camp for ‘Blacks for Trump,’ I would invite you to look into his record,” shared the CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm. “I’m coming to you all as someone who definitely, by admission, politically privileged…so I am trying to step and lean into grace to meet you where you are because some of this misinformation, some of these ‘facts,’ have to be fact-checked.”

Sexyy Red originally made headlines for expressing her support for the former president to the shock of viewers of Theo Von’s This Past Weekend web show.

“Once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people their free money,” shared the rapper. “Oh baby, we love Trump, we need him back in office.”

In light of the “Pound Town” artist’s opinion of Trump, Rye explained the true purpose of her response video as Trump gains more financial support for his 2024 campaign: Black people are misinformed of what he really stands for.

“This video isn’t just about Sexyy Red. This video is really, or this video series, are really to ensure that Black folks who are for Trump or, just might be, by default, understand what he’s really done or not done for us,” wrote Rye.

She continued to debunk the notions used to defend Trump, such as his pardoning of multiple Black people. She revealed that during his time as president, he actually pardoned the least number of people since 1945.

Rye’s subsequent videos dug deeper into Trump’s racist history, such as his 1973 lawsuit by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination and his questioning of the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Her final video addressed the very claim Sexyy Red’s love for Trump was based on: the stimulus checks.

The political strategist explained how the alleged “Trump Checks” were more of an act of Congress, and that President Joe Biden’s authorized stimulus checks actually amounted to more. As for if Sexyy Red’s opinion of the infamous president will change after hearing the facts, that remains in question.

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