Black Women Launch Mobile Market Featuring Black Farmers, Producers in LA

Black Women Launch Mobile Market Featuring Black Farmers, Producers in LA

These women left their jobs to build a market for their community.

Prosperity Market founders Carmen Dianne and Kara Still have teamed up to support the development of their Black community in Los Angeles through their new mobile farmers market, featuring Black farmers, food producers, entrepreneurs, artists, florists, and chefs.

According to Good Morning America, the duo celebrated their second anniversary during Black History Month at Planet Health Compton, continuing their efforts to support local Black businesses and provide food access for the community.

“I’m most proud of our resilience because this journey has not been easy, but with the outpouring of love with our vendors and our community, it really lets us know that [what] we’re doing is important, so we’ll celebrate today and get back to work tomorrow,” Dianne said.

“The first step in addressing any systemic constraints is to strengthen our economy,” the small business owners said.

“We just want to keep growing, we want Prosperity Market to go nationwide,” Still said, as Prosperity Market has already expanded across the city.

Green Giant recently donated $10,000 to support the business goals of Prosperity Market.

“This is going to help us build our operational capacity, right now it’s the two of us with our team — this is gonna help us get very far, thank you,” Dianne said.

“When we get our trailer on the road we can operate daily, we can take all of these products when the vendors can’t be there in person,” Still said through joyful tears, holding up the oversized check. “We’re going to be able to help literally hundreds of thousands of people a week with this.”
The former Hollywood makeup artist and fashion designer plan to make their farmers market mobile by operating an eco-friendly and sustainable food truck to provide easier access to nutritious, affordable, fresh food. With the help of $15,000 worth of technology provided by LA Stainless Kings – the company making their truck – the women hope to have their mobile market operating by summer.