The Black Women with Multiple Board Directorships

The Black Women With Multiple Board Directorships

Groupon elected Ariel Investments President Mellody Hobson to its board of directors (Image: File)

Though black women remain among the most underrepresented group in corporate governance, there are a number of black women board members who can still be accounted for at the nation’s largest corporations. But we are raising the stakes to showcase the women who have propelled themselves to not just one board appointment, but two, and in some cases, three or four boards. These women are also part of the 2016 Black Enterprise Registry of Corporate Directors. They’ve earned their place at the table of multiple public companies because of their financial expertise, leadership know-how, and extensive experience in their industry, making them experts with valuable insight that diversifies and improves the nation’s top brands.

Ursula M. Burns, CEO, Xerox

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Boards: American Express, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Burns, the first black woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company, sits on the boards of American Express and Exxon Mobil Corporation. It was her judgment and management experience that led American Express to appoint her in 2004, where she serves on the compensation and benefits committee and the risk committee. She joined Exxon Mobil’s board in 2012, in which she is a member of both the audit and finance committees.

Mary K. Bush, President, Bush International

Mary K. Bush

Boards: Discover Financial Services, T. Rowe Price Group Inc.

The Honorable Mary K. Bush has held several presidential appointments, including the U.S. government’s representative on the IMF Board and Director of Sallie Mae. She sits on the boards of Discover Financial Services and T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. At Discover Financial, her international and governmental affairs experience led her to the nominating and governance committee and the risk oversight committee. At T. Rowe Price, she lends her financial expertise to the audit committee and executive compensation committee.

Linda W. Bynoe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telemat Ltd.


Boards: Equity Residential, Northern Trust Corporation (IL)

Bynoe has 27 years of experience at Chicago-based Telemat, where she has developed a diverse portfolio of consulting experiences. She sits on the boards of Equity Residential and Northern Trust Corporation (IL). At Northern Trust, she sits on the compensation and benefits committee and the corporate governance committee. At Equity Residential, she is a member of the audit committee and the corporate governance committee.

Pamela L. Carter, Retired President, Cummins Distribution

Pamela Carter
Pamela Carter

Boards: CSX Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Spectra Energy Corporation

Carter was the first African American woman in the country to be elected to Attorney General of Indiana. Following this role, she joined Cummins in 1997. Her insight, public policy, and operational experience landed her board appointments at CSX Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, and Spectra Energy Corporation. At Hewlett Packard, she serves on the audit committee and the HR and compensation committee. At Spectra Energy, she chairs the corporate governance committee and sits on the compensation committee. At CSX, she is a member of governance committee and public affairs committee.

Helene D. Gayle, CEO, McKinsey Social Initiative

CARE President and CEO, Dr. Helene Gayle.

Boards: The Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive Company

This influential leader is an expert on health, global development, and humanitarian issues. Prior to McKinsey, she served as president and CEO of one of the leading international humanitarian organizations, CARE USA. She sits on the boards of The Coca-Cola Company and Colgate-Palmolive Company. Coca-Cola tapped Gayle in 2013, because of her global mindset and deep understanding of health and humanitarian issues. There, she sits on the compensation committee and public issues and diversity review committee. At Colgate-Palmolive Co., she is chair of the nominating and corporate governance committee and a member of the personnel and organization committee.

Linda R. Gooden, Retired Executive Vice President, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Linda Gooden

Boards: Automatic Data Processing, General Motors, The Home Depot, Inc.

Linda Gooden’s leadership and experience in information technology and expertise in operations has led her to the boards of three well-known companies; Automatic Data Processing, General Motors Company, and The Home Depot, Inc. At ADP, she is chair of the corporate development and technology advisory committee and a member of the audit committee. At GM, she serves on the audit and risk committee. At Home Depot, she sits on the audit committee and leadership development and compensation committee.