Blaque’s Brandi Williams Releases Bei Polished Vegan Nail Polish

Blaque’s Brandi Williams Releases Bei Polished Vegan Nail Polish

Most will remember Brandi Williams as a member of the R&B/Pop group Blaque.

In addition to singing and acting, Williams graced the screen in Bring It On and Honey. Now, she is adding entrepreneur and lifestyle expert to her impressive resume.

During the pandemic, Williams could not make trips to the nail salon, so she started treating herself to home manicures and painted her own nails, which she hadn’t done in years. She began reminiscing about her childhood, where she accompanied her mother to the local nail shops. She gravitated towards the various colors of nail polish that evoked visions of glamour and high fashion.

Rockin Robin Red.

Williams became inspired by her childhood dreams to create her own line of nail polish that exemplified her health-conscious lifestyle.

“Creating a vegan product was a natural choice for me because I have lived a vegan and relatively health-conscious lifestyle for over 20 years,” Williams said.

“Being true to myself means that the nail polish, and any other products I develop, must be healthy as possible,” said Williams about her nail beauty line.

She established her Black-female owned company Bei Polished and assembled a viable team to help bring her ideas to fruition. The name stems from a term of endearment people close to Brandi call her “Bei,” also serves as an acronym for “Beautiful Elegant Icons.” The “Polished” aspect is aspirational for all who use the colorful lacquer, she says, and it represents the shiny refinement, the sparkle that everyone wants.

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The development process for the first collection took three months, and Williams drew upon her creative eye when deciding on the colors for each collection. She designed the polish for women who maintain a healthy lifestyle and use products that are vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free alternatives but also consider themselves fashionable girly girls.

“We formulated the nail polish around my life as an entertainer, which can wreak havoc on a girl’s nail game.  But, no matter what your career, if you are not careful, the health of your nail beds can become malnourished or weak, especially when using artificial nails.”

Williams designed the polish to dry faster, last longer, and boast a richer and lasting shine attributed to the CBD and argan oils.

“During Covid, I began maintaining my natural nails with our formula. I noticed improvements in the appearance of my nail beds and that I had healthier-looking nails.  My nail tech raved about how quickly our nail polish dries and how long it lasts, it looks amazing even after two weeks,” lauds Williams about Bei Polished.

Plant-based nail polishes tend to improve fingernail appearance, fortify the health of customers’ nails, and lessen dryness.

Bei Polished and merchandise is available for purchase online at the website Williams holds popup shops around the U.S. follow her Instagram page and business page.